1.2 tonnes of cables recovered by Green_e in 2021

Seller of ecological accessories -chargers and cables-, the French Green_e announces a good result for 2021.

Since 2016, the French company Green_e has been the first brand with eco-design certification for its accessories, cables and chargers (we have already told you about it in our pages).

Simple gestures will soon be automatic

“We establish a real eco-responsible relationship with our users by offering them the possibility of returning their unused or unusable accessories free of charge and almost effortlessly,” explains Guillaume Bensi, founder of Green_e. It is essential today to educate consciences so that these simple gestures become automatisms”.

1.2 tons of recycled cables

And since 2018, the company has gone further, allowing consumers to send their old cables and chargers back for free, so that they can be processed and crushed and then reinjected into the circular economy in France. “During 2021, 25,000 m of cables (1.2 tonnes) were returned to us, slightly more than double compared to the 11,000 m recovered in 2020, adds Guillaume Bensi. This is proof that the consumer is becoming aware of the environmental impact of these cables. We are confident for this year and hope to continue this good momentum.”