Cyrus Audio, new ally of the BluOS ecosystem (audiophile streaming)

The British Hi-Fi brand Cyrus Audio announced a few days ago to join the BluOS ecosystem specially developed for dematerialized music and its new uses. Cyrus Audio therefore joins the camp of Bluesound, Dali, Monitor Audio, Nad, Peachtree, PSB SPeakers or even Roksan.

The BluOS ecosystem, developed by the Canadian company Lenbrook International, which includes the firm Nad within it, therefore has one more supporter with Cyrus Audio, a British company based in the east of England and born in 1983. In addition to offering an application with a clear and intuitive interface, almost identical on all compatible devices (the differences are related to the capabilities of the products, for example exclusively wired network or Wi-Fi), BluOS has a very interesting feature: interoperability.

BluOS, total interoperability of equipment from different brands

Thus, it is possible to combine any BluOS hardware, a network player from one brand with active speakers from another, or this same network player with an amplifier from a third brand… Admit it that it makes things easier for, for example, managing the different links in a multiroom audio chain. Another essential advantage of BluOS, undoubtedly important in the decision to join the Hi-Fi Cyrus Audio brand, is the management of Hi-Res Audio sound streams up to 192 kHz/24 bits (see our news to find out more more about BluOS specifications: BluOS 3.8 application: Home Cinema and MQA features on the menu, in addition to Bluetooth and classic sources (audio CD…).

The floor to Nicholas Clarke, Managing Director Cyrus Audio

“Listening to streaming music remains complex due to the wide variety and rapid evolution of services and features expected by consumers. We realized that being part of a widely established and class-leading ecosystem was the best option for our customers and resellers to minimize this complexity. That's why we always came back to BluOS. Throughout our conversations, Lenbrook has made clear its commitment to providing all of its customers with a premium experience, coupled with access to the best Hi-Res music streaming services. This aligning perfectly with the values of the Cyrus brand, it was easy for us to make our decision, declares Nicholas Clarke, Managing Director Cyrus Audio. Naturally, our team is looking forward to planning future developments for the Cyrus Audio product line.”

Talk to Gordon Simmonds, CEO of Lenbrook International "With BluOS we continue to carefully select the brands we add to the platform, as it is very important that the shared ecosystem model is represented by fully committed and like-minded partners," said Gordon Simmonds, CEO of Lenbrook. International. Cyrus Audio is one of those serious brands that the Lenbrook team has long admired. We are pleased that they have joined us to move together towards a common vision of BluOS high-resolution music, thus reaffirming the significant investment we are making with this platform”.