Netgear Mesh Orbi Wi-Fi 6E Quad Band, New Multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi Ready System

Netgear presents its new Mesh Orbi system, the first in the world to take advantage of the Wi-Fi 6E format.

Specializing in systems for better deployment of Wi-Fi in the home, Netgear presents the RBKE960 Mesh Orbi WiFi 6E pack (6 GHz compatible), including a router and two satellites.

Wi-Fi 6E, multi-gigabit speed and interference limitation

Compared to the previous Wi-Fi 6 system, this system adds a fourth band to accommodate the all-new 6 gigahertz Wi-Fi. This additional frequency band is essential for managing the multi-gigabit Wi-Fi speeds of new smartphones and laptops, while limiting interference with other devices operating on the existing 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. This set allows permanent access to wireless internet, even in the least covered areas of the home. It also makes it possible to easily share audio, video and photo content available on a Nas hard disk, for example, with enormous speed.

Voices to David Henry, President & GM Connected Home Products Services Netgear

“A network leader for more than 25 years, Netgear is committed to designing the best Wi-Fi products available to maximize the benefits of the latest Wi-Fi technology. This new technological breakthrough embodies the epitome of our recent developments, said David Henry, President & GM Connected Home Products Services for Netgear. From the moment multi-gigabit Internet arrives at your doorstep via our 10 Gbps Ethernet connection, through our Quad Band architecture, 2.5 Gbps multi-gigabit ports, and enhanced 5 GHz performance, there's nothing in the way. will slow down your new Wi-Fi 6E devices. Our new Orbi WiFi 6E Quad Band Mesh System delivers industry-leading performance not only for today's needs, but also for the future demands of the most sophisticated connected homes”.

Available in white or black. Indicative price: €1,699.99 for the Netgear RBK852 pack including a router and two satellites.