CES 22 > Oled TV LG G2 Evo Brightness Booster, 20% brighter than the LG C2 Evo

A look back at the LG Oled TV range announced at the CES show in Las Vegas 2022 in early January with a focus on the LG G2 series, those whose different models are equipped with an Oled Evo "Brightness Booster" panel. These will be the brightest OLED TVs ever marketed by LG, which intends to compete in this aspect with the Sony A90J series and the Panasonic JZ2000/HZ2000 and future LZ2000.

Remember, in our publication on LG 2022 Oled TVs, 24 hours before the opening of the CES 2022 show, we told you about the change within the range with the integration on the LG C2 star series, except on 42'' and 48'' diagonals, Oled Evo panels (see our CES 22 news > LG Oled 2022 Ultra HD 4K/8K TV: 20 models including the LG OLED97G2 (97'', 246 cm) with Oled Evo panel Brightness Booster).

LG G2, Oled Evo "Brightness Booster" tiles

And you were also told that the LG G2 TV series would benefit from Oled Evo “Brightness Booster” panels, the latest rumors of which suggested a light peak beyond 1,000 nits. After having discussed with our Korean colleagues, in direct relation with LG Display, this value is confirmed and should allow the Korean manufacturer to catch up in terms of peak light on the Japanese brands Panasonic and Sony which were doing better in this field, with however identical OLED panels from LG Display.

Oled Evo “Brightness Booster” tiles, 20% brighter than Oled Evo tiles

The difference is essentially due to the presence in 2022, on LG G2 TVs, of a heat sink like those embedded by Panasonic and Sony within, respectively, their TV JZ2000/HZ2000 (vintage 2020/2021) or LZ2000 (the latter are announced for 2022), and A90J. LG G2 Oled TVs should therefore offer a light peak around 20% higher than LG C2 TVs equipped with Evo panels identical to those of the LG G1 TV series (click for the link to discover the full test of the LG OLED65G1 by the editorial staff of ' which showed around 800 nits.