The iPhone SE 2022 will be an iPhone 8 5G (more or less)

The appearance and features of Apple's next low-cost iPhone are becoming clearer. Estimated release in spring 2022.

Confusion still reigns over the look of the iPhone SE rumored to be coming in the spring.

iPhone SE notchless for 2024?

They initially announced a model with a new design reminiscent of the iPhone XR and 11, with a screen filling the entire front and a perforation to let the sensors work, a feature still unpublished on iPhone. But finally, this model would be planned for 2024.

iPhone SE 2022 copy of iPhone 8?

For the present, it will be rather a smartphone reminiscent of the iPhone 8 in form (and therefore the latest iPhone SE to date), with however an improvement in terms of the processor which should be the one found in the very latest iPhone 13. Naturally, the device will also stand out for its 5G compatibility, making it the cheapest 5G iPhone of all. Source: Dylandkt