CES 22> Technics SA-C600, stereo amplifier network player / audio CD

The Japanese brand unveiled at CES in Las Vegas 2022 the Technics SA-C600 Hi-Fi stereo system, capable of taking advantage of a large number of sound sources, classic such as audio CDs but also in dematerialized form.

Ideal companion to the Technics SB-C600 bookshelf speakers marketed at the end of 2021, the Technics SA-C600 and a compact stereo amplifier to which a network / audio CD player has been grafted, not to mention a DAB + / FM tuner, to take advantage of all the forms of music, dematerialized or via physical medium.

Technics SB-C600, main specifications

Of course, the Technics SB-C600 incorporates many of the brand's technologies developed since its return to the Hi-Fi market in 2015. Equipped with digital amplification delivering 2 x 60 W into 4 ohms, the Technics SA -C600 therefore benefits from the Jeno digital circuit (Jitter Elimination and Noise-Shaping Optimization) from the Audiophile Technics R1 series, which reduces residual noise generated by the power supply circuit.

Dematerialized and classic sources

In terms of specifications, the Technics SC600 incorporates dual-band Wi-Fi ac compatibility associated with Chromecast multiroom (built-in), Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and AirPlay 2. It is therefore easy to enjoy the content wirelessly. audio stored on a suitable device: smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS), computer, game console… Likewise, access to Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music is on the menu.

Playback of high resolution files is from: Alac, Wav, Flac, AIFF up to 384 kHz / 32 bits. The same goes for MP3, WMA and AAC or the management of very high resolution DSD files 2.8 / 5.6 / 11.2 MHz. Last precision, the Technics SC600 also plays MQA files and the audio CD player also accepts CD-R / CD-RW.

Rich connectivity and build quality

We also notice a careful manufacture, in aluminum. The connections include an optical input, a coaxial, a line input, a Phono MM, an Ethernet port, a USB Host type A port and an asynchronous USB type B port. We also notice a subwoofer output and a headphone output.

Frank Balzuweit, European Product Manager, has the floor

“The SA-C600 is an important addition to the Technics brand, as it fits between the all-in-one systems of the C70MK2 type and the separate elements of the C700 and G700 series,” said Frank Balzuweit, European Product Manager. There is a great demand for such products, a compact, stylish and high performance receiver which covers all the needs of current music lovers and high-fidelity fans. Frank Balzuweit also explains: While many people are looking for a solution with separate parts, the SA-C600 offers a great alternative and the possibility of connecting any speaker system. This allows you to achieve an exceptional level of performance, without encumbering your living room with several imposing separate elements. ”

Availability announced, in black or silver, for the month of February. Indicative price still unknown.

Reminder of the key characteristics of the Technics SA-C600:

• Model: 2.0

• Power: 2 x 60 W into 4 ohms

• Inputs: 1 coaxial, 1 optical, 1 analog line input, 1 Phono MM input, 1 Ethernet port, 1 USB Host type A port and 1 asynchronous USB type-B port

• Outputs: 1 sub output, one headphone output, 2 pairs of screw terminal blocks

• Pure Direct Functions

• Spotify Connect Functions

• Flac HD Compatibility

• AIFF Compatibility

• Wav Compatibility

• MP3 Compatibility

• WMA Compatibility

• AAC compatibility

• Alac HD compatibility

• DSD compatibility 2.8 / 5.6 / 11.2 MHz

• MQA compatibility

• Jeno digital circuit audio ( Jitter Elimination and Noise-Shaping Optimization)

• AirPlay 2 Network

• ChromeCast Function Network

• Dual Band Wi-Fi ac network (2.4 / 5 GHz)

• Network Bluetooth

• Hi-Res Audio streaming via USB / network: yes

• Headphone output: yes

• Dimensions (W x H x D, mm): 340 x 94 x 341 mm

• Consumption: 46 W

• Weight: 5.3 kg