CES 22> JBL Quantum Stream, USB microphone for gamers

The JBL Quantum-branded gamer product line welcomes its very first dedicated gamer microphone unveiled at CES in Las Vegas 2022 a few days ago, the JBL Quantum Stream.

The JBL Quantum range launched in 2020, designed for gamers, is enriched with several products this year. We can notably mention the Quantum Steam, a USB microphone equipped with two condenser capsules of the electret type (2 x 14 mm), for a sampling rate of 96 kHz / 24 bits.

JBL Quantum Stream, ergonomics

Two voice capture modes are available: directional to focus the microphone on the main user's voice, or omnidirectional to capture the whole room (Podcast Mode). Also note a reversible support allowing 360 ° manipulation and the possibility of muting the microphone via a switch on the upper part of the microphone. The latter is associated with an RGB light indicator to manage speech if a number of speakers are present.

Speak to Ralph Santana, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Harman

"JBL continues to create smart solutions for gamers of all skill levels," said Ralph Santana, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Harman. As the first standalone microphone and True Wireless headset in the JBL Quantum range, the JBL Quantum Stream and JBL Quantum TWS (Editor's note: presentation to come) have been designed to meet the needs of gamers, streamers and podcasters, alongside our robust and expanding line of on-ear gaming headsets. ”

Available at the indicative price of 99.95 euros.