Gal Gadot in Hitchcock's Hand in the Snare remake

Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) was reportedly chosen by the Paramount studio to star in the remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic La main au collet.

Released in 1955, La main au collet starred star couple Gary Grant and Grace Kelly.

Far from the fatal blonde?

Eileen Jones (Prodigal Son) has been commissioned to write the screenplay for this new version which will tell how John Robie, a retired burglar on the French Riviera, will see his horizon darken when a thief begins to use exactly his methods of choice and become the prime suspect in a series of new burglaries.

According to Deadline, we strongly suspect that Gal Gadot, a priori very far from the fatal Hitchcock blonde, will take over the role played by Grace Kelly at the time.