CES 22> Filmmaker Phase 2 mode soon in your televisions

The Ultra HD Alliance is taking advantage of the CES show in Las Vegas 2022 to announce an evolution of the Filmmaker mode that appeared in 2019. As a reminder, this TV setting was created with the aim of preserving the intentions of content creators, directors of photography and directors in mind.

The Filmmaker Mode (see our news The Ultra HD Alliance presents Filmmaker Mode to preserve the intentions of the creators) will therefore evolve and enter its "Phase 2" indicated the UHD Alliance at the CES show in Las Vegas 2022.

Mode Filmmaker 2022, integration of the ambient light sensor

Announced for 2022, this development will focus on the viewing conditions of a film by including in its specifications an ambient light sensor on televisions to automatically adjust the display to the optimum according to the light environment.

Filmmaker mode on planes

Similarly, the Ultra HD Alliance indicates that the Filmmaker mode is a feature that could also be added to in-flight entertainment services on planes, especially in the new devices of the airline of American Airlines whose entry in service is scheduled for 2023.

The floor to Michael Zink, president and president of the UHD Alliance

"As much as we like for people to watch movies in a dark environment (the environment on which the Filmmaker mode is based), as much as we know that is not always possible," said Michael Zink, president and chairman of the UHD Alliance. We hope to work with the filmmakers on these guidelines to have a better experience in bright environments while maintaining a creative intention. "