CES 22> TV LG Oled 2022: zoom on the Game Optimizer and HDMI 2.1 48 Gbps

A few days ago, LG communicated on its TV 2022 range. With, among other things, information on the Gaming capabilities of its new Oled TVs and details on their HDMI 2.1 connectors. Today we have more details on the gaming specifications and photos that illustrate the new version of the Game Optimizer.

As a reminder, LG announced earlier this week that all Oled 2022 TVs benefit from an improved Game Optimizer menu based on user feedback and 48 gigabit HDMI 2.1 sockets.

TV Oled LG A2, LG B2, LG C2, LG G2 and LG Z2: 4K / 120 Hz, ALLM, VRR, HGiG, G-Sync and FreeSync Premium

If we leave aside the problem of marking Oled panels requiring careful use of such a screen if you are an avid gamer (Hardcore Gamer), it is fair to say that LG Oled TVs are part of the best video game broadcasters because they have the connections and all the features popular with PC Gaming owners and / or PS5 and / or Xbox Series X console owners. We are of course thinking of HDMI 2.1 connectors supporting 4K / 120 functions Hz, ALLM and VRR, plus HGiG certification and support for G-Sync and FreeSync Premium technologies (i.e. 120 Hz management in 1080p minimum). We can also cite, since the end of 2021, the native integration of video game streaming services based on the Cloud Gaming Stadia from Google and GeForce Now from nVidia.

TV Oled LG A2, LG B2, LG C2, LG G2 and LG Z2: new Game Optimizer

The Game Optimize menu will allow easier access to the various essential parameters in 2022. In addition, the four existing game genre presets will be added a fifth dedicated to sports games (see photo below). Finally, as you can see in the first photo at the bottom of this news item, it takes up less screen space when it appears and allows you to view most of the action to continue playing.

Another evolution, all Oled 2022 TVs will benefit from a new Dark Room mode to reduce eye fatigue if you play in a low light environment. LG states that the latter will lower the brightness of the TV while preserving contrast. Finally, support (HDR Gaming interest Group) is still required.

TV Oled LG B2, LG C2, LG G2 and LG Z2: HDMI 2.1 48 Gbps

In 2022, LG Oled TVs will be equipped with up to four HDMI 2.1 connectors (the LG A2 series with a 50/60 Hz Oled panel will be equipped with HDMI 2.0 sockets with ALLM and eARC functions), with bandwidth of 48 gigabits. As a reminder, if the vintage Oled TVs had 48 Gbps HDMI sockets, the 2020 and 2021 Oled TVs were limited to 40 gigabits. Even if this difference does not change much, to put it mildly, in the management of the audio and video signals at the time, LG has therefore returned to Full Band connectors. No doubt to avoid recurring criticism from certain users who believe that 40 Gbps bandwidth marks a regression in terms of specifications…

Finally, know that many of LG's LCD TVs, among the QNED and NanoCell models, will also benefit from the 2022 vintage Game Optimizer and HDMI 2.1 sockets. But the detail of the equipment according to the series is not known at the time of this writing. Of course, we will come back as soon as we have knowledge of these characteristics.