Streaming France: who has the most subscribers and the most works in the catalog?

Update on the most popular streaming platforms and the size of their catalog in our beautiful country.

Based on a panel of 1,000 Internet users aged 15 and over questioned each month on their VOD practices, the CNC's latest Video-on-Demand Observatory established the subscription rate per household to streaming platforms by subscription in France.

Salto already in 7th position

It emerges that Netflix dominates the market with a penetration rate of 49.7%, followed by Prime Video and Disney + which reach respectively 30.3 and 21.4%. Note that Disney + is neck and neck with Canal + over the past year, and that the French service Salto is already in 7th place just nine months after its launch.

+ 67% of works available on Disney +

Have a look now at the number of titles offered by the top trio. Last September, Netflix offered 5,497 titles, 26% better than a year earlier. Prime Video offered 4,910 (-26%) and Disney + 1,622 (+ 67%). Note that the leak of works on Prime Video is due to the release of the catalog of many non-European films (mainly Indian) from April to June 2021.