CES 22> LG Oled 2022 4K / 8K Ultra HD TV: 20 models including the LG OLED97G2 (97 '', 246 cm) with Oled Evo Brightness Booster panel

LG unveiled its 2022 Oled TV range and as expected, it has both smaller and larger diagonals than in 2021. Thus an LG OLED42C2 (42 '', 107 cm) TV and an LG OLED97G2 (97 '', 246 cm) are on the menu. Another feature of the 2022 range, the Evo panel now concerns the C2 series while the G2 series includes a heat sink to display an even greater light peak.

LG Lectronics therefore gave details of its 2022 game TV, notably Oled, last night. As in 2021, the Korean instructor is emphasizing Ultra HD 4K definition, UHD 8K being reserved for the LG Z2 series only and its two 77 "and 88" models.

LG C2 with Oled Evo tiles and LG G2 with Oled Evo “Brightness Booster” tiles

As expected, the most important change for 2022 is the availability of the new 42 '' and 97 '' diagonals, therefore 4K UHD obedience. Another major innovation concerns the appearance of an Oled Evo panel equipped with a “Brightness Booster”, the latest rumors of which suggest a luminous peak beyond 1000 nits. For its part, the LG C2 series will benefit in 2022 from the Oled Evo panels unveiled in 021 on LG G1 televisions (click for the link to discover the complete test of the LG OLED65G1 by the editorial staff). For their part, the LG A2 and LG B2 TV series have a classic OLED panel.

LG C2 and LG G2 with Oled EX panel signed LG Display?

We learn that the frame of the LG C2 and LG G2 TV panel is extremely thin in 2022, 4 mm against 6 mm in 2021. Data which suggests that the latter would benefit from the new Oled EX technology, announced more luminous (see our CES 22 news> Oled EX LG Display TV panel, the technology demonstrated in video).

4K Ultra HD Oled TV LG A2, LG B2, LG C2, LG G2, LG Z2, LG Art10 and LG Art90

The following LG OLED TV series are therefore announced, with details of the different screen sizes and references:

• LG A2: LG OLED48A2, LG OLED55A2, LG OLED65A2 and LG OLED77A2

• LG B2 : LG OLED55B2, LG OLED65B2 and LG OLED77B2


• LG G2: LG OLED55G2, LG OLED65G2, LG OLED77C2 , LG OLED83G2 and LG OLED97G2

• LG Z2: LG OLED77Z2 and LG OLED88Z2 (UHD 8K models)

• LG TV object: LG OLED65Art90

• LG StandbyME TV: LG OLED27Art10