CES 22> LG Display Oled EX TV panel, the technology demonstrated in video

Following the announcement last week via press release of the Oled EX technology that will debut at CES in Las Vegas 2022, LG Display also released a video that illustrates the strengths being put forward by the company.

As specified in our previous news on LG Display Oled EX technology (see our publication CES 22> New Oled EX TV panel signed LG Display, 30% more brightness?), Whose creator promises an increase in brightness of 30%, it will be a question of judging on the piece before being totally enthusiastic.

LG Display Oled EX, high light peak constant over time?

Indeed, the Evo panels appeared in 2021 announced 20% brighter (see our test of LG OLED65G1) are ultimately little different from conventional panels, the fault of the inability of Oled panels to maintain high peak light beyond of a few seconds under penalty of marking the diodes, therefore the screen.

LG Display, Oled EX technology demonstrated in video

If LG Display, with the Oled EX process, has made progress on the issue of the constancy of the light peak, without increased risk of marking the screen, that could change a lot of things. In the meantime, LG Display makes us dream with a beautiful video touting the advantages of future Oled EX panels, production of which is scheduled from the second quarter of 2022.