3.9 billion 5G subscriptions in 2026

As new technologies advance, interest in 5G will grow. And it will go quickly.

5G is not yet at its maximum capacity to deliver on its promises in technologies like autonomous driving, but as the new wireless communication format evolves, new applications will become popular, motivating all the more so the public to subscribe to 5G.

Speak to Lynnette Luna, analyst at GlobalData

"This growing innovation will help advance 5G subscriptions around the world," explains Lynnette Luna, analyst at GlobalData. By the end of 2026, we predict there will be 3.9 billion 5G subscriptions. ”(A figure that would exceed one billion in 2022).

5G packs…

The firm also highlights the existence of special 5G packs in certain markets in Europe, including for example augmented reality glasses, cloud gaming services, gamepads and even a subscription to Xbox Game Pass. Enough to motivate potential customers and show the concrete advantages of 5G. Source: Advanced Television