CES 22> Samsung 2022 Neo QLED TV, Intelligent Calibration via Samsung Galaxy or iPhone

The Samsung 2022 Neo QLED TV range welcomes an interesting feature called Intelligent Calibration to optimize the quality of the image displayed using an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone, from the Samsung Q60B series.

To calibrate the Neo QLED Samsung 2022 Ultra HD 4K / 8K televisions, you must first have downloaded the Smart Calibration application, an evolution of Ezcal Calibration presented last year at CES in Las Vegas (see our news EzCal Samsung, application to automatically calibrate your TV), in the respective application stores (Android and iOS).

Basic Mode or Professional Mode calibration

Two options will be offered, Basic Mode and Professional Mode. The first named performs a quick calibration that takes about 30 seconds, while the second requires a 10-minute process. This is a commendable effort on the part of Samsung, whose TVs, as we can verify at each of our test benches, are far from being optimized in terms of settings when they leave the box. Nevertheless, we can immediately affirm that this calibration will not be of the level of that operated by a professional based on extremely sharp and expensive equipment. Judging by evidence…

Regarding this feature of the Neo QLED Samsung 2022 TVs, we do not know if it will also be available on the QD Oled TV series and the Woled TV series (White Oled panels from LG Display) scheduled for 2022 (and perhaps unveiled during the Samsung First Look conference in the preamble of CES 2022).