CES 22> Samsung Neo QLED TV, 20 Deep Learning and Real Depth Enhancer modules for the Neo Quantum Processor 2022

For its Neo QLED 2022 TV range, Samsung is announcing the Neo Quantum Processor 2022 chip. Focus on its main characteristics to enhance the rendering of images from a 4K / 8K Ultra HD television.

On the program for the new Neo QLED TVs, the latest version of the Neo Quantum Processor chip, vintage 2022, equipped with new image processing possibilities.

Neo Quantum Processor 2022, 20 Deep Learning modules

The main change concerns the Upscaling algorithm: while in 2021, the processor included 16 Deep Learning modules (see screenshot below), and only one in 2020, to analyze the incoming signal, the integrated model in the TV Samsung 2022 has 20 modules, no less, each specialized in a particular task. Thus, via the Neural Analyzer function, the television will apply the best scaling process depending on the nature of the signal, 720p, 1080p or 2160p, compressed signal coming from the Net, coming from a platform of streaming, noisy image…

Neo Quantum Processor 2022, AI Real Depth Enhancer

Another major improvement in 2022, the Neo Quantum Processor chip, the AI Realm Depth Enhancer algorithm. The latter aims to improve the relief of the image by optimizing the contrast between the foreground of the image which concentrates the moving objects or the action and the background. We can also mention the new EyeComfort Mode which, once the television is connected to the Internet, subtly modifies the brightness and color temperature of the image depending on the time of day, for always optimal viewing comfort. The latter, for example, reduces the blue light emitted in the evening to promote sleep in sensitive people.

Clearly, the television uses the appropriate modules present in the bowels of the Neo Quantum Processor to clean, improve and magnify the image displayed on its Ultra HD 4K / 8K (and UHD 4K) panel.