Legos iPhone 5 = cheap microscope

German researchers show you how to build a microscope for just over 100 euros.

Three researchers from the universities of Göttingen and Munster in Germany set out to manufacture a high-resolution microscope at low cost. Legos, an iPhone 5 camera, LED lighting and a smartphone, that's all they needed to build the object in question, the detailed plans for which can be found here.

The researchers at the universities of Göttingen and Munster have their say

“Our goal is to introduce a microscope for each student in a school environment, both as a scientific tool to access the infinitely small, and as a tool to facilitate understanding the fundamentals of the optical elements of a microscope in a motivating, yet precise approach, the researchers say. By using Legos, we make the microscope modular, inexpensive, and inspiring. ”

With the lens extracted from an iPhone 5 (obtained for less than 5 €), the price of the device goes up to 102 euros.