Adidas Xbox for the 20th anniversary of the console

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Xbox consoles, Adidas is collaborating with Microsoft for pairs of collector sneakers.

“For the 20th anniversary of Xbox, we collaborated with adidas to create sneakers inspired by our consoles. This partnership evokes our common passion for the game and has allowed us to present you sneakers that collectors and collectors as video game fans will be delighted to wear, ”said Microsoft to present pairs of collector shoes already rumored in last May.

Three Adidas Xbox shoes

Three pairs have been designed for the occasion, and the last one was recently unveiled. It uses the codes of recent Xbox Series X / S, with a black mesh and a green border reminiscent of the console fan, and the Xbox logo inspired by the power button and the controller. Finally, the transparent sole echoes the collector's edition of the recently released 20th anniversary controller.