Stolen Amazon parcels episode 4: the Youtubeur hero persists!

Against Amazon parcel thieves on the porches of American homes, year after year, this former NASA engineer continues to improve his trap.

In the United States, parcels left at the doorstep of homes too often tend to be stolen by unscrupulous citizens. Victim of such theft, the YouTuber Mark Rober decided in 2018 to create a parcel bomb to punish future thieves. The video of his adventure was a great success and after versions 2.0 and 3.0 of his avenging package (presented in our pages), he is back in 2021 with a fourth model which improves on the previous one.

Video recorded in the Cloud and package tracked by GPS

Former engineer at NASA, Rober has designed a small concentrate of technology including a glitter bomb when the package is opened (several successive "explosions" this year, but still nothing dangerous, don't worry), as well as sprays automatic diffusing a foul odor (real polecat gasoline, a treat). The criminal's punishment is recorded in the Cloud by four smartphones, and the package is tracked in real time thanks to a GPS tracker.

Daytime steal package for better theft video

Add a system that prevents the trapped from closing the package once it is opened, as well as blue and red police-style lighting to make the trapped panic. The Avenger even thought of the induction charger under the doormat to make sure smartphones are charged once the package is stolen. Small 2021 bonus: a pot of plants that automatically conceals the package once night has fallen, so that it is not stolen when it is dark (the videos are of lower quality in these light conditions).

Decrease in packet theft observed this year

It took Mark Rober months of work and boundless passion to design this trap inspired by the movie Mom I Missed the Plane. Do not miss this video which explains the manufacture of the package and shows the trapped thieves. Small reassuring news all the same, a decrease in the theft of parcel bombs this year (50% less), but also a few bandits aware of the concept and who were not fooled. All is not lost for humanity?