Apple AirTag, a new weapon for car thieves?

Apple's tracker is used by malicious people to spot and steal luxury vehicles.

new technologies, new criminal methods. According to Police in York, Canada, Apple's AirTag tracker has been used in several high-end vehicle theft cases since last September.

Apple AirTag, tracker for thieves

Concretely, the thief spots a car in a public place and hides the gadget there, for example in the fuel cap. He can then track the car and steal it when it is in a vulnerable place, such as the driveway in front of the owner's house.

Anti-AirTags function on iPhone

There is a function on iPhone to locate a foreign AirTag around, but not everyone has an iPhone. And even if, not everyone receives the notification, or not everyone pays attention to it. To avoid these thefts, the local police give some recommendations, including parking in a closed place or inspecting your vehicle regularly for something unusual.