The Explorers in 8K on TCL Roku Ultra HD 8K Series 6 TV in USA

The made in France application The Explorer brings magnificent 8K content to the TCL Roku 8K series 6 televisions available in the United States.

Of course, the news does not concern us directly, but it is always pleasant to learn that a French creation stands out beyond our borders. This is the case for The Explorers, an application made in France, which is coming to the TCL Roku 8K series 6 television in the United States.

To quote the press kit: “The Explorers is a global initiative to create the first inventory of images of Earth's natural, cultural and human heritage in ultra high definition, with resolution up to 8K. From arctic glaciers to the warm seas of French Polynesia, the new platform The Explorers 8K offers hundreds of videos to which new content is added every day. ”

The floor goes to Chris Larson, senior vice president of TCL

“Launching TCL's first 8K television in North America this year in partnership with Roku was very important. Our premium TVs make 8K more accessible, and we're taking a bold step with Roku so that our users can access 8K content. With the increasing availability of 8K content such as that of The Explorers, the extensive vertical integration of TCL's TV panel production allows 8K series 6 televisions to deliver razor-sharp images and impressive immersion. said Chris Larson, senior vice president of TCL. As customers continue to choose larger screens for their homes, the need for higher resolution is increasingly evident. TCL therefore continues to innovate, work closely with the 8K Association and provide advanced technology to entertainment fans, as we enter a new phase of 8K exploration with the deployment of new game consoles. and new streaming services. ”

The word to Olivier Chiabodo, CEO of The Explorers

"The quality of our Earth Inventory in 8K HDR allows us to bring the audience to the heart of the matter. We are delighted to know that the unparalleled beauty of The Explorers Earth Inventory can now be viewed at home at maximum resolution and quality thanks to the Roku 8K Series 6 TV, said Olivier Chiabodo, CEO of The Explorers. By bringing a compelling 8K TV offering to market, TCL will be a game-changer, meaning that a larger audience will be able to access our growing library of 8K content. I think the decision to partner with an undisputed leader in TV screen technology and allow these TV owners to experience our magnificent planet as seen by The Explorers in all its majesty will be very gratifying. ”

That's good news… And, at, we hope that this partnership will also see the light of day in Europe, and more particularly in France, later.