8K Association: more than 70 certified TVs

More and more televisions are being certified by the 8K Association.

More than 70 televisions are now certified by the 8K Association, including nearly 50 models launched in the first half of 2021 by three of the biggest brands: Hisense, Samsung and TCL.

8K Association, kesako?

As a reminder, the 8K Association (8KA) brings together major television brands and many players in the image world (studios, chip founders, compression specialists, etc.) with the primary objective of developing '8K ecosystem.

Chris Chinnock, 8K Association Executive Director, Speaks

"The breadth of certified 8K TV models on the market is a big win for consumers and the 8K Association," says Chris Chinnock, 8KA Executive Director . We designed the certification logo to make consumers feel confident about the performance and interface of 8K TVs. We are therefore proud that our certification program, launched less than 2 years ago, is working so well. ”

Main specifications of the 8K Association label

As a reminder, here are the technical prerequisites for the certification of an 8K television:

● Resolution: 7 680 x 4 320 pixels

● Input frame rate : 24 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps (fps for Frame Per Second or frame per second)

● Minimum TV peak brightness: 600 nits

● Codec: HEVC

● Interface: HDMI 2.1

You can consult the list of 70 certified televisions on the 8KA website.