What makes us fall for streaming?

Free and the discovery of new content are among the major trends affecting streaming platforms.

The latest study by Hub Entertainment Research in the United States highlights three major trends in the video streaming services market, starting with the discovery of new content.

The allure of novelty

Indeed, users are three times more likely to discover a new series on a streaming platform than on a traditional network. The proportion of people who have discovered content on a streaming service has increased every year for several years, while it consistently drops for discovery on a traditional TV platform.

The exclusivity of the content

Second trend, the preference of one service over another just because of a particular content. Four out of ten users have signed up for a platform just to watch a single movie or series not available elsewhere. 77% of those who sign up for just one content stay subscribed once they watch it.

If it's free it's better

Finally, the study observes the importance of free services. 53% of consumers - 11% better than last year - say they sometimes watch content on a free service with ads, such as Pluto TV. In more than half of the cases, they turn to a free service to watch specific content that they know is available on that platform.