Samsung HDR10 Gaming, HDR10 variation for video games

Samsung recently revealed that its Dolby Vision HDR alternative, HDR10 +, now comes in a new visual format, HDR10 + Gaming, compatible with the latest video game display technologies.

At its last Samsung Developer Conference 2021, the Korean manufacturer unveiled its new HDR10 + Gaming technology, presented as an alternative to the Dolby Vision HDR format.

HDR10 + Gaming, specifications

This will be available from 2022 and we already know that it is VRR compatible (see photo above), ensures an automatic calibration of the HDR signal (probably based on the HGiG, HDR Gaming Interest Group, of which Samsung is a member), and a low latency Tone Mapping (no impact on the Input Lag).

HDR10 + on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S?

This derivative of the HDR10 + format is thus optimized to enhance new game consoles, as well as Cloud Gaming. One question remains, however: will the PS5 and / or Xbox Series X / S adopt this new format? The answer today tends towards the negative, knowing that Sony has never been a big fan of HDR10 +, and that Microsoft has just recently activated Dolby Vision HDR on its latest consoles.

So we say to ourselves that this new extension could probably go hand in hand with Samsung's new initiative in the field of Cloud Gaming.