Matrix Resurrections, the poster reveals the new look of Neo

After the trailer, the production of Matrix 4 aka The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth installment of the cinematographic saga, unveils its poster and the new look of Neo, cape on the shoulders and long hair.

After the seven teasers and a trailer that drops, here is the latest graphic element unveiled by the production of Matrix 4. We will note in passing all the space, the void (the matrix?) Which weighs on the characters , which could have occupied the center of the image more massively. But which also constitutes a kind of white and black / yin and yang perfect. A bias to ponder…

A poster that in any case immediately plunges us into the dark and twilight universe of the Matrix, the first episode of which dates back to 1999 with The Matrix (remember the white rabbit, Alice in Wonderland, the pills, the chosen…). Matrix Resurrections, the fight continues. Release at the cinema on December 22.