IPhone will one day adapt to your eyesight

The iPhone may one day adjust its sharpness to match your vision, whether or not you wear glasses.

Filed by Apple in May 2020, a patent describes a system for correcting the display of a screen according to the user's vision level.

Display optimized according to the user's profile

In other words, the sharpness of your iPhone or iPad would automatically adjust according to your vision, and change in real time when you wear or take off your glasses. The system takes advantage of Face ID-style facial recognition to find out who the user is, who will have previously informed his vision problem (myopia, presbyopia, etc.) either via a menu or using a vision test integrated.

Display technology with discretion option

Another option resulting from this technology, the possibility of making the screen readable only to the user wearing defined glasses. The screen is then completely blurry for people around a little too curious. Source: Patently Apple