Smartphones disassembled and framed (bis), it's beautiful

Rather than polluting nature, these old smartphones and gadgets scattered around puzzle-style are pinned on a board. Not stupid.

A few months ago we presented the initiative of Studio Grid, which transformed smartphones and other old electronic devices into artistic (and informative) works.


The principle is to recover these used gadgets, to dismantle them carefully and to arrange their components in an orderly and artistic way, on a framed painting. Enough to kill two birds with one stone by preventing certain non-recyclable and polluting elements from ending up in the noses of turtles, while displaying a piece of history in your living room. We will note in passing the educational side of the company since each component is meticulously labeled to understand how it works (see photos above and below).

Kevin on Etsy

Engineer "Kevin" had a similar idea if not identical since he does the same with his old gadgets, including the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and even devices photo like the Sony DSC-RX100M2. You can find her creations for sale on her Etsy page. Several types of frames are even available: black, white, walnut or chestnut.