PS5 shortage, it will not get better ...

The PlayStation 5 is not an easy console to find, and despite Sony's efforts the shortage is likely to continue for several quarters…

The drop in production of electronic components resulting from the health crisis continues to be felt. We recently reported to you that the Nintendo Switch console is affected, and this is also still the case for the Sony PS5.

PS5, production drop confirmed

According to information gathered by the Bloomberg agency, Sony had planned to produce 16 million units for the fiscal year 2021 (between April 2021 and March 2022), but this figure has been revised downwards to pass around 15 million. The company is said to have problems with logistics as well as the supply of certain components. Component deliveries do not always arrive on time and the heterogeneity of staff vaccination at production sites complicates operations.

PS5, 22.6 million units manufactured for the year 2022/2023?

For the next fiscal year (starting in April 2022) Sony plans to sell 22.6 million PS5s, but - still according to Bloomberg - its supplier partners believe that this forecast will be difficult to achieve.