Automatic Filmmaker Mode on LG 2020/2021 TVs with Amazon Prime Video

LG and Amazon team up to announce that an upcoming Firmware Update for LG TVs 2020/2021 will allow automatic selection of Filmmaker mode across a wide selection of movies or series available on Amazon's Prime Video service .

An upcoming Firmware update from LG will therefore allow compatible televisions (Ultra HD 4K or 8K models), i.e. those equipped with WebOS 5.0 or WebOS 6.0, to identify Prime Video content compatible with Filmmaker Mode and to activate the latter. automatically without the need for any action from the viewer.

Filmmaker Automatic mode but can be deactivated by the user

The automatic selection of Filmmaker mode is a first in the TV industry and LG has no hesitation in declaring in a press release that this spontaneous switching "paves the way for future televisions to better support streaming services without imposing additional steps on viewers. ”

Of course, and fortunately, this feature can be disabled by the user. A good thing when we know that the choice of Filmmaker Mode is not always, depending on the television sets (very uneven for example on the management of a native 24p signal), the best option to enjoy the best picture. Not to mention that it would not be desirable for the latter to be "imposed" by the brand, this choice having to be made by the owner of the TV. Until proven otherwise, it is the one who pays who plays the trumpet! Imagine acquiring a new oven and having it necessarily operate in microwave + fan mode because some chefs believe that it is the best cooking available… Simply not conceivable.

Similarly, betting everything on the Filmmaker mode could also be counterproductive in terms of technological innovations. Based on this alone, HDR would probably never have seen the light of day…