Nintendo Switch, production down by -20% and shortage announced

The information has just been published in the online daily Nikkei Asia, the Japanese company Nintendo announces that the production of its Switch consoles will be down by -20% compared to its initial details. Blame it on the shortage of components.

The daily Nikkei Asia reports that around 24 million Switch consoles will be manufactured by the end of the Japanese company's fiscal year, or until March 31, 2022, instead of the planned 30 million.

Nintendo has its say

The production, slowed down due to the shortage of semi-producers and other components, concerns both the original Nintendo Switch console, the Switch Lite and the recent Switch Oled (released on October 8). A Nintendo spokesperson acknowledged that production was affected by component shortages: "We are assessing their impact on our production." Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa himself said the company was unable to manufacture as many consoles as it wanted and there was still uncertainty about production.

Sales target revised downwards The Nintendo Switch console availability issues were noticeable for several months already in the light of sales down 37% in September to 214,000 units compared to last year, marking the third consecutive month of decline of a year on the other, according to video game magazine Famitsu. Nintendo had revised its sales at that time to 25.5 million units for fiscal year 2021, already lower than the 28.83 million of the previous fiscal year. Now that should drop even further.

As a reminder, Nintendo has sold over 89 million units of Switch consoles since the console's release in 2017. Switch sales are on track to surpass 102 million. Nintendo Wii console units sold since its release in 2006.