Soundcore Frames, audio glasses for listening / viewing

Listening to music through your glasses, a method that may one day become the norm. To listen / see…

Soundcore Frames audio glasses offer ten different frame styles in a variety of sizes and shapes, including tinted lenses, lenses with blue light filtering and the ability to mount prescription lenses. In addition, the style is not fixed since it is possible to modify it after the fact.

OpenSurround technology for stereo and call management

On the sound side, the exclusive OpenSurround technology is based on two transducers integrated into each branch of the pair of glasses, a personalized DSP and a software stereo enhancement. The main speaker is located in front of the user's ear, and another is located just behind to amplify stereo sound. The glasses can be connected to a phone, tablet or PC, and the inclusion of noise-canceling microphones allows for call pick-up or voice conferences.

Soundcore Frames, port detection and battery life

The controls are tactile and vocal, some of which can be personalized, and Soundcore Frames can detect when they are carried or not and thus automatically pause or play music. The battery life is 5.5 hours of reading time, and the fast charge provides an additional 1.5 hours of reading (in 10 minutes).

Speak to Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations

“Until now, the emerging audio eyewear segment has been rather lackluster with limited design choices,” said Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations. With our new Soundcore Frames, we hope to re-launch the market, providing a more elegant audio experience. ”

Available at the end of the year on Amazon and specialist retailers at the target price of 179.99 euros. Additional frames available for 49.99 euros.

Reminder of the key characteristics of Soundcore Frames:

• Frequency response: 20-20kHz

• Number of speakers: 4 (2 per branch)

• Size of speakers speakers / Material: 25mm x 8mm (main); 8 mm diameter (rear) / PET

• Battery type / Capacity: Lithium Polymer / 110 mA (x2)

• Music autonomy / Talk time (normal mode): 5.5 hours at 60% volume / 5 hours

• Fast charging time: 10 min = 1.5 h

• Magnetic charging cable with USB

• Bluetooth 5.2

• IPX4 certification

• Control types: Touch / Slide / Voice

• Compatible with voice assistants

• Audio codecs: SBC, AAC

• On-ear port detection

• 10 frame options, including prescription, polarized and blue light filtering lenses