House of the Dragon, future Game of Thrones clone?

Miguel Sapochnik, showrunner of the Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon, is already assuming the future similarities between his spinoff series and the cult mother series.

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Miguel Sapochnik, who directed some of the landmark episodes of the Game of Thrones series (The Bells and The Long Night in 2019, The Winds of Winter and Battle of the Bastards in 2016 , Hardhome and The Gift in 2015), said, “We are very respectful of the original series. It is not something that has been damaged. So we are not going to reinvent the wheel ”.

Pay homage

Before specifying that House of the Dragon “will still have its own tone that will evolve and emerge as the series progresses. But first, it's very important to pay tribute to the original series, which was quite revolutionary. We stand on the shoulders of Game of Thrones and we don't forget that we're only here because there's been Game of Thrones before. The most important thing was to respect the original series as much as possible, trying to complement it rather than reinvent it. ”

But finding your own identity

A point of view which is not really a surprise. Indeed, it is hard to imagine HBO ordering a series derived from its biggest success and which, in the end, would not resemble the latter. The main problem is more how House of the Dragon will find its own identity. Here too, Miguel Sapochnik already has an opinion: “House of the Dragon is something else, and it must give the feeling of something different. The team is different, the cast is different, the tone is different. Hopefully this will be seen as something else. But it will be won little by little. This is not expected to happen overnight. We hope fans enjoy this spin off for what it is. And we'll be lucky if we ever get closer to what the original series was. So we remain humble, hoping that what we do is worthy of Game of Thrones ”.

From there to suspecting Miguel Sapochnik of being ultra-cautious, even too cautious, there is only one step that we cross briskly. House of the Dragon is due in 2022 on HBO Max in the US.