Creepy but cute Squid Game surveillance cameras

Opportunistic but imaginary concept that these accessories inspired by the Korean Netflix event series…

Fans already regret that these devices are only 3D concepts, which does not detract from the talent of their designers: Cheon Ryong Choi, Soonook Kwon and Jaeyeon Nam.

Squid Game webcams

These cameras are thus inspired by the enigmatic guards of the Netflix Squid Game series, taking up their singular design with the famous “square”, “round” or “triangle” helmet. These accessories are available as a webcam that sits on the top of the computer screen, with the character's little hands as a support, or as a surveillance camera as we see so many, whose video stream can be viewed remotely. with his smartphone. The camera lens is located in the guard's head, which can rotate 180 ° and track intruders via motion and sound sensor. Scary. Source: Yanko Design