Green_e 15 W, 18 W, 20 W and 65 W ecological charging kits for smartphones, computers, consoles ...

The French brand Green_e continues to expand its range of eco-responsible electronic accessories with a multitude of chargers.

Green_e presents new charging kits with USB / USB-C power supply (references GR3315 in photo below and GR3316 for iOS devices, references GR7420 and GR7421 for Android devices), delivered with a 1.30 m cable , a recyclable natural silicone storage strap, a protective organic cotton cover, and a free return label (in fact the packaging turns into a Letter T) to return your old charger and prevent it from ending up in the stomach of a baby seal. Double blow for the planet!

Smart chargers

These chargers have an intelligent processor that protects devices from short circuits, surges, overheating and overcurrents, and are available in four versions: two for Apple products (USB-C to Lightning), one for home, one for the car, and two for Android products (USB-C to USB-C), home and car too.

Green_e 65 W charger

Good news, since this summer Green_e has an ultra-fast and powerful charger (65 W) equipped with Power Delivery 3.0 technology. On average, it only takes 30 minutes to recharge 50% of a compatible smartphone battery (iPhone 8 to 13 for example). And for compatible Android specimens, the 65 W charger incorporates the PPS (Programmable Power Supply) process. As a reminder, it adapts in real time the voltage and the current on the USB-C connector to always convey the maximum power. Of course, the capacity of this charger also makes it suitable for tablets, computers, gamepads, wireless headphones…

The word to Guillaume Bensi, founder of Green_e

Guillaume Bensi, founder of Green_e, declares: “The arrival of 5G marks a new stage because its use will consume 10 times more energy than 4G, so we will have to offer matching accessories, and this this is what we have been working on in order to offer our consumers an eco-designed range that conserves and protects the efficiency of the battery and therefore of the smartphone ”.

Available immediately. Indicative price: € 24.99 and € 44.99 depending on version.