iPhone 13 Pro, a new ophthalmic instrument?

The new Macro mode of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max camera is very useful for eye surgeons.

With their new ultra-wide f / 1.8 lens with 120 ° field of view, the new iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max feature a Macro photo mode for very close-up shots. And this peculiarity opens up commercial outlets for them… unexpected. Indeed, specializing in cornea and cataract transplants, Dr. Tommy Korn was quick to adopt the new iPhone to make his life easier.

iPhone 13, a new medical tool for ophthalmology

Self-proclaimed a lover of photography, he has long used the iPhone and other professional devices to observe and record the evolution of eye condition of his patients. He was quick to adopt the iPhone 13 Pro for his practices. As he explains himself, it is not especially the level of precision of the new lens that seduced him even if it is impressive (see photo above) but especially the practical side, capturing such a photo only taking a few seconds compared to professional equipment. In addition, it emphasizes the ability to easily save and archive images in patient files, not to mention photo sharing, allowing patients to send snapshots remotely to ensure responsive monitoring of surgical operations.