Apple loyalists in no rush to upgrade to iPhone 13

iPhone owners are apparently not enticed enough to embrace the latest iteration of Apple's smartphone.

The comparison site SellCell recently conducted a survey of 5,000 iPhone owners in the US to ask them if they were planning to upgrade to the iPhone 13, seen as a modest update rather than a model that really brings new.

iPhone owners disappointed with the iPhone 13

64% of respondents are not enthusiastic about the evolutions of the device, and more than 76% do not intend to buy one of the iPhone 13. Before the new models are unveiled, this This figure was only 56%, proof of the disappointment of users following the presentation of the latest iPhones.

The reasons for the disenchantment of the iPhone 13

Of those who want to upgrade, 34% will because of the 120Hz ProMotion display, 25% for the longer battery life, and 16% because their current iPhone is getting older. Of those who don't want to buy an iPhone 13, 29% were chilled by the lack of Touch ID, 20% thought no feature appealed to them enough, 10% wanted an Always on display, and 7% didn't like it. not the notch.

13, really cursed number?

The unconvinced prefer to wait for the iPhone 14 at 37%, while 32% will not change device within two years. Finally, it should be noted that 16% say they will switch to an Android smartphone. In short, all things considered, it seems that the curse of the number 13 very much alive in the United States has struck again…