Sennheiser RS 5200, new wireless TV headphones

Sennheiser presents its latest wireless headphones to enjoy TV without disturbing those around you.

The Sennheiser RS 5200 headphones are wireless models designed for solo TV viewing. Among other things, it has a Speech Clarity function which reduces the background sound to make dialogues more intelligible, and offers three listening profiles to optimize clarity in different frequency ranges. Because our hearing changes with age and differs from person to person.

Irene Strüber, Enhanced Hearing Product Manager at Sennheiser

The volume can be adjusted independently on the right and left ear cups and four sizes and sizes of earbuds are provided, for a larger or smaller opening to the outside sound. “This next-generation headset, Sennheiser RS 5200, promises an optimal TV listening experience with superior audio quality, more intelligible dialogue and wireless functionality, all in a sober and elegant format that is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. long sessions, says Irene Strüber, Enhanced Hearing Product Manager at Sennheiser. And audio customization options let you tune the sound to your preferences at the time. "

Immediate availability. Indicative price: 249.90 euros.