Samsung boosts Wi-Fi in the metro ... with 5G

After an encouraging test in the Seoul subway, Wi-Fi "made in Samsung" could arrive in transport around the world.

Samsung is actively working to improve Wi-Fi services in the subway and recently demonstrated its 5G mmWave technology to increase wireless speed in this underground environment.

Debit multiplied by 25

It is more precisely in certain parts of the Seoul metro at the end of September that Samsung deployed its Compact Macro 5G mmWave solution, along the rails. While the average network speed was 71 Mbps, Samsung's system managed to multiply this transfer rate by 25 (!). 1.8 Gbps download speed was achieved in moving trains using Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphones.

Compact Macro 5G mmWave installation fast and light

A compact and lightweight solution, the Compact Macro system can be easily installed on building facades or on pylons to quickly deploy 5G networks. Samsung intends to equip metro networks outside of its South Korean stronghold in the near future.