Symfonisk, new Ikea / Sonos lamp / speaker

Better sound and more customization for the new Symphonisk speaker / lamp from the Ikea and Sonos collaboration.

The first product designed in collaboration with Sonos and Ikea, the Symfonisk lamp / speaker returns in a new version with a redesigned acoustic architecture, allowing the reproduction of a wider sound that better fills the space.

Customizable connected lamp / speaker

The object can also be personalized (black or white base to choose from) as well as several types of lampshades: textile or glass, each in black or white. The E26 / E27 socket allows the use of a wider range of bulbs.

Multiroom of course…

Providing access to dozens of audio streaming services, the Symfonisk connects via Wi-Fi and can serve as a single audio source, or connect to other Sonos products to create a multiroom system.