Enhanced 8K Ultra HD encoding and streaming

The preparations for the future 8K video standard continue with a significant technological breakthrough by Synamedia.

Video software solutions provider Synamedia announces technology capable of encoding and broadcasting an Ultra HD 8K signal in real time. An important step that avoids the compromises that until now have reduced video quality.

Real-time 8K encoding and streaming

Named Vivid, this new compression platform takes advantage of AMD Epyc 7763 processors, and dispenses with alternative methods such as the need to split an 8K signal into four UHD 4K signals, or to use hardware acceleration methods. With this “zero compromise” 8K real-time encoding and streaming technology, content operators and distributors will be able to save on their operational costs and energy consumption. Enough to give a significant boost to the 8K market by allowing better distribution of videos at a reduced price.

Elke Hungenaert, Vice-President, Synamedia Product Management, has the floor

“We are experiencing a technological change here, combining our unique and one-of-a-kind compression algorithms, advanced video analytics and proven expertise with the incredible speeds of AMD Epyc 7763 processors. The flexibility of using a single processor without any Technology compromise enables us to provide our customers with the high quality video content they expect from us. By combining the expertise of our team with the performance of AMD Epyc processors, we are able to bring more 8K content to the market at an affordable price to enable the 8K economy, ”said Elke Hungenaert, vice president , product management, Synamedia.