Nintendo Switch 4K finally in 2022?

There are strong indications that an (another) improved version of the Nintendo Switch could finally be released next year.

Rumors were already running since early 2020 about the arrival of an improved version of the Nintendo Switch console with Ultra HD 4K display, but in the end we were only entitled to "only" one model, the only one of which, or almost, evolution consists of the presence of an Oled screen instead of an LCD specimen.

Nintendo Switch 4K Kit from the developers

However, a dozen developers say they have had a Switch 4K development kit for a while (source Bloomberg). They even expect their 4K games to be released at the end of 2022, suggesting that Nintendo is still planning a further improvement to its console for the near future.

4K Switch postponed to 2022 due to component shortage?

It seems that this 4K version should have been released this year, but because of component level shortages, Nintendo has fallen back on a simple Oled model. Nothing is therefore lost for this Switch 4K, especially since -probably- it would be enough for the manufacturer to simply replace the machine's dock to allow it to display an Ultra HD 4K image on a suitable television. To be continued.