Nike Star Wars sneakers, not at all official

On the shoe side, the Star Wars license is officially in the hands of Adidas, but competitor Nike is trying to scratch a piece of the cake.

Next November Nike is releasing a trio of pairs of Presto Mid Utility whose colors are clearly inspired by characters from Star Wars, and more precisely from a scene from The Empire Strikes Back in which Darth Vader brings together hunters from bounties to catch the good guys.

Nike Boba Fett, Darth Vader and Bossk sneakers

Nothing really incredible, unless we remember that it is Adidas that has the Star Wars license. Nike therefore tries to remain legal by mentioning only the colors of its models, even if unofficially the shoes already have their little nickname. Boba Fett (see second image from top above), Darth Vader (see image at bottom of this news), and Bossk for the last (see first image from top above).

And if you don't know who Bossk is, it's the lizard head in the lower right in the image above from The Empire Strikes Back. Hard to be more pointed and obscure as a reference, even for a Star Wars fan.