Boy Kills World, new crazy and furious trailer!

Bloody and crazy trailer for Boy Kills World, the pulp action film directed by Moritz Mohr and produced by Sam Raimi. Hold on your seat belts, hide Grandma, it's going to blow up.

If the plot that emerges from these 2 minutes of trailer is still obscure, the crazy tone and the thunderous action seem to be the pillars of this delirious pulp fight with inspired production. A sort of crazy mix between the cinema of Sam Raimi and that of Quentin Tarantino, full of gore and black humor.

Bill Skarsgård smashes everything in his path££££

Yayan Ruhian, Isaiah Mustafa, Sharlto Copley and Brett Gelman co-star with Bill Skarsgård, who plays Boy in the film, a deaf-mute with an imagination overflowing. When his family is murdered, he escapes into the jungle where he finds himself trained by a mysterious shaman to repress his childish imagination to become a pure instrument of death.

Boy Kills World will be released in US cinemas on the 26th next April and in Australian cinemas on May 2. No French release date yet, but we would love to.