Thunderous trailer for Rick Grimes' return to The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is making its revolution with a new trailer that stands out and announces with fanfare the return of Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead: the Ones Who Live.

Zombies galore, scenes of massacres and explosions of all kinds: the new opus of The Walking Dead announcing the return of Rick Grimes and his long counter digressions on life, death, family, are back in a trailer where two things are radically different from what we have previously seen in the entire saga: firstly, an ambitious production which seems to have put the necessary budget into telling this new story through a mini-series of 6 episodes. Second, we can see a frank and sincere smile from a character from the franchise, and that too is unprecedented.

Where can we see The Walking Dead: the Ones Who Live in France?

Titled The Ones Who Live, the miniseries is the sixth spin-off of The Walking Dead series, this time centering on Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira). Grimes' character disappeared from the radar during season 9. Michonne left the series mid-air during season 10. Suspense, however, is that the mini-series does not yet have a French broadcaster. In the USA, it will land on AMC on February 25.