Mickey falls into the public domain, a future great serial killer in the cinema?

Disney tried to resist, even managing to push back the legal deadlines in court. But this time it's done, 95 years after its creation, Mickey Mouse (the B&W one from the first cartoons of 1928) is (almost) freely adaptable. And some have taken a little advance and taken serious liberties with the original spirit…

A few days ago, the trailer for the video game Mouse (on the Cloud Gaming Steam service) was revealed, showing a trashy version of Mickey who has become a private detective, destroying everything he can in the hold of a boat with jazzy music playing in the background. B&W required, small bowler hat, studded shoes, references to Steamboat Willie burst through the screen. FPS shooting game, Mouse will be released in 2025.

The other trailer concerns a film in theaters in 2024, Mickey's Mouse Trap, and immediately establishes Mickey's big ears and ball nose as the next tutelary figure of a Ghostface-style serial killer from the franchise Scream or the clown Pennywise from It. With an eternally crooked grin, a masked killer can attack teenagers who grew up with the cute Disney Mickey… creepy! (trailer below).

And this is certainly just the beginning since another horror film, Steambot Willie, has already been announced. Its filming will begin in the spring, this time it will follow a sadistic mouse who attacks a group of passengers on a ferry.