Less advertising on Netflix… for binge-watchers

There will be fewer ads on Netflix's Essential with Ads option, but only for fans of marathon sessions.

From the first quarter of 2024, Netflix will make its Essential option with advertising - interspersed with advertisements - more attractive by reducing the number of impromptu announcements. A reduction which will, however, only affect fans of “binge-watching”, the principle of watching several episodes of a series without stopping.

Netflix Essential with advertising, less advertising after three episodes in a row…

More precisely, after watching three episodes of a series in a row, the fourth will be free of advertisements. Netflix doesn't specify what will happen after the fourth episode. Will all the following ones be ad-free? Do we have to watch three more for the next one to be ad-free again?

Netflix Essential with ad, 15 million subscribers

In any case, this is a nice gesture for an option that has only evolved positively since its launch a year ago in the United States. Initially it only offered 720p quality, now in 1080p, as well as an additional simultaneous viewing stream. 15 million Netflix users are now subscribed to this option.