Unexpected but true: Chuck Norris returns in a zombie film

The legendary action star of the 80s, Chuck Norris, returns to the forefront in a film called Zombie Plane.

It's no joke, the Zombie Plane film, produced by Studio Dome's Entertainment Squad and Australian producer/distributor Radioactive, was filmed earlier this year in Australia.

Undercover stars

It should feature not only the action hero of the 80s, but also Vanilla Ice, the already nerdy rapper in the 90s and the Australian singer turned actress Sophie Monk, who broke through in the 2000s .

It is an action comedy centered around a secret government organization that recruits celebrities to serve as undercover agents in an effort to together save humanity from an impending zombie invasion. Norris will be the commander who mentored and trained the stars to become fearsome secret agents. It promises ! Source: Hollywood Reporter