Confirmed success for One Piece Netflix, eyes full

Second great week for the Netflix series One Piece, a live adaptation of one of the most cult mangas of this generation, which continues to dominate the Top 10 in 93 countries.

In its second week of broadcast (between September 4 and 10), the new Netflix series One Piece accumulated more than 145 million hours of viewing, translating to more than 19 million views, better than during the first week of operation (which, however, only consisted of four days).

One Piece, it's going strong, very strong

A more than successful adaptation of the legendary One Piece manga (and cartoon) started in 1997 by Eichiro Oda, and still being published/broadcast, the series remains in the Top 10 series in 93 countries for this second week (still Top 1 for France). With now a total of hours viewed exceeding 285 million and more than 35 million views, One Piece is well on its way to entering the Top 10 of the best Netflix starts which is calculated, as we recall, over the first 91 days of broadcast of a work.