One Piece, hot start on Netflix

The new Netflix series One Piece, a live adaptation of one of the most cult mangas of this generation, starts strong, immediately placing itself in the Top 10 in 93 countries.

During its first four days of broadcast (between August 31 and September 3), the new Netflix series One Piece accumulated 140 million hours of viewing, translating to 18.5 million viewers. Even if we are still far from the current record -341 million for Wednesday- the score is more than honorable considering that it is a project not intended a priori for a wide audience.

Manga cult for successful adaptation (deserved)

Adaptation with real actors of the legendary One Piece manga (and cartoon) started in 1997 by Eichiro Oda, and still being published/broadcast, the series has risen to the Top 10 series in 93 countries for its first four days (Top 1 for France), and ranks 11th in the list of best Netflix starts.

As for the quality of the work itself, know that it has revived hope from yours truly, a fan of the source material, but disillusioned by the deplorable history of this kind of adaptation. An amazing success!