Pirates of the Caribbean 6 with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, it's still possible!

Craig Mazin (The Last of Us, Chernobyl), co-writer of the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean opus, gives fresh news about the franchise with Johnny Deep and Orlando Bloom.

Since Chernobyl and The Last of Us, Craig Mazin has become one of the most popular screenwriters in Hollywood. In a recent interview with Los Angeles Time, he confirmed that he had worked on the script for the sixth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, with Ted Elliot, who co-wrote the first four films in the franchise (of which there are five).

A bizarre scenario validated by Disney


Craig Mazin explains: “We pitched to Disney, thinking there was absolutely no chance they would buy it because they would find our approach too weird. Against all odds, they bought the idea! Since then, wrote a fantastic script, the writers' strike has started and everyone is waiting.

Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom have reportedly made it known that if the script is up to par, they could well return to the franchise. To be continued.